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Preferred Choice of Professionals. 

SVC's flow control solutions are custom-engineered and optimized to meet the unique needs of each site.  Designed, built, and tested to perform reliably under any circumstances, SVC's products have proven themselves in some of the most demanding industrial applications worldwide, from crude oil facilities in Kuwait to nuclear power plants in Korea and more.


SVC Control Valve
Control Valves

SVC's severe service control valves offer superior performance at high pressure differentials and provide wide choice of configurations to meet any needs.

SVC Safety Valve
Safety Valves

Innovative safety valves designs by SVC provide quality over-pressure protection for air, gas, steam, vapor, liquid, and more in accordance with ASME standards.

SVC Pressure Reducing Valve

SVC's pressure reducing valves and pressure relief valves are not only fast, robust, and reliable, but also offer precision performance with operator friendly intuitiveness. 

SVC Strainer

Proper choice of strainers ensures system stability as well as increased life span of vital components. SVC's strainers are engineered to protect without sacrificing performance.

SVC Steam Trap

It's not possible for steam system to perform properly without traps. SVC offers a wide range of traps for gas and steam, such as ball float steam trap, inverted trap, and more.

General Service

Through on going collaboration with Shinwoo Valve, SVC can also tailor to any general service needs such as check valves for pump systems, balancing valves, etc.  



At SVC, we understand that dependability is not an option when it comes to critical plant operations. Founded in 1977, SVC has led the flow control industry with smarter, more efficient valve designs and manufacturing techniques for more than 40 years. In 1988, SVC was challenged by the Korean Ministry of Commerce to develop control valves for the country's first nuclear power plants, a challenge which was completed successfully.  SVC has provided vital flow control solutions to nuclear, petrochemical, gas, and other critical infrastructures all over the world ever since, and we are now proud to introduce control valve series SV100 and SV200 to our customers for the first time. With flexible customization options and state-of-the-art user interface design, our new control valve lineup delivers high efficiency and performance, as well as practical convenience for on-site operators during installation and maintenance.



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For any inquiries or customer service requests, please call: +82-31-996-8101 or fill out the following form.

Head Office

Address: 57, Seungga-ro 58beon-gil, Gimpo-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea

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